I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays! 
I had a great weekend working with Penguin Racing School and Quarterley Racing in Florida last weekend! Attached are few pictures my Mom took.
On Friday, I spent the day working with the Penguin Racing School coaches, Eric Wood, John Grush, Dale Quarterly and Bob Robbins with on and off track coaching. A big Thank You to Quarterly Racing for providing me with a great Ninja 400 to use for the weekend! After a couple sessions out, we made some adjustments to the bike and in the afternoon I was starting to feel pretty comfortable on the bike and was getting to know the track. When we wrapped up the final session, I couldn’t wait to get back out there again the next day.
On Saturday, it was a CCS Practice day and Dallas, Jamie, Teagg and I put in quite a few laps throughout the day, working each other on the track making passes and drafting down the straights, after each session out, Eric Wood and Dale Quarterly would sit with us and we would go over things we all needed to work on and what we had done well. I was pretty excited at the end of the day because I was able to get my times down from the day before and was feeling really good about racing on Sunday. Unfortunately, there were a few red flags, sending some of my LRRS buddies and new people I had just met to the hospital – luckily, it sounds like everyone will make a full recovery. 
Sunday it was time to race and I was excited to apply what I had learned the days before in actual races. In the 500 GT Class, I came in 2nd Place after a fun back and forth battle for first the whole race with Teagg. In the 500 Superbike Class, I came in 1st after another great back and forth battle for the lead the whole race with Teagg. Those two races were so much fun and even had a couple “oh crap” moments! In the 500 Supersport Class, I came in 1st with a pretty decent lead after Teagg ran off the track on the first lap. Unfortunately, due to some confusion about what class it was, I forgot to go to post race tech so I got disqualified from the race – lesson learned and I will pay better attention from now on for sure. I was also excited that I was able to drop my lap times by over 5 seconds from Friday to Sunday!
I can’t thank all of my supporters and family enough for all of the help this season – THANK YOU! Enjoy the Holiday’s! I look forward to telling you about my 2019 Season plans real soon!

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